All Hallow’s Eve

Abi had a fun Halloween. We were greeted this morning by-uh-our favorite unpleasant bodily function, so I was pretty sure she was sick and we were going to miss out. Fortunately, she was totally fine all day and was eating and drinking like a champ, so Halloween fun was in store after all. She went as a VT cheerleader, pretty much since this was the last time that we will ever get to pick her costume. I spent hours making this thing, only to have it be drooled all over for an hour, but she loved it – especially the little skirt! Check out the pictures of her enjoying her booty as well – I was letting her sort the candy (from all 4 houses we visited) and I told Wes she couldn’t figure out how to unwrap any of it. I turned around and was immediately proven wrong.

5 responses to “All Hallow’s Eve

  1. The costume turned out great! What a cute idea – to make sure she wears it before SHE gets to decide what costume to wear! It looks adorable and she looks happy in it 🙂
    So nice to get to see the pics of her day.

  2. You did an awesome job! The skirt is my favorite (though it is all great) and I LOVE Abi’s fun expressions.

  3. Abi is way cute! I love the facial expressions. Laura, you did an awesome job with the costume! Yea!

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