My Kind of Cure

Got out for a quick (just over an hour) but REAL mountain bike ride today – alone. I talked to mom just before I left and she jokingly asked if I was going to get eaten by a mountain lion and I guess I gave too serious of an answer. It can be a bit of a risk riding alone, especially on a weekday, but the trail I hit up was fairly well-used today. I had an AMAZING time and it was the cure for my recent increase of anxiety, especially related to our family’s health. At one point I almost rode off the trail because the views were so breathtaking, and the trail was so perfect – nice rolly, fun, singletrack with very little techincal stuff. Normally I love techincal stuff but not when I haven’t ridden in weeks…..


2 responses to “My Kind of Cure

  1. You don’t want to meet up with a card carrying member of AETP (Animals Eating Tasty People). So carry some nasty pepper spray and if it doesn’t work on the creature, spray it on yourself. Then you can at least eliminate the possibility of being tasty. ;>)

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