Something’s gotta give….

Well I’m onto sinusitis now, complete with dizziness and ripping pain in my head. I am so sick of being sick. I just think there has to be some way to maintain our family’s health – I am taking a good hard look at our diet this week, our sleep habits, our hand-washing habits. I know a lot of this is just kids passing along germs, like they always do, but why does our family get all of them?
Well, being down in the dumps about it certainly won’t boost my immune system. One positive is that my doctor wanted to hold off on antibiotics and try using a neti pot and inhaled steroids. If you have sinus problems at all, or just have a cold, you have got to try this neti pot thing. Yeah, it feels weird, but without being gross….let me just say it is VERY effective. I started on a Vitamin B12 supplement, and Abi and I are taking probiotics to hopefully keep round 6 of the stomach bug away. Any other suggestions for keeping the immune system strong and healthy this winter?
At least we have the active thing down. Since I don’t have any symptoms below the neck, and am not too dizzy this morning, we’re going for a nice easy jog/walk in the fall air!


9 responses to “Something’s gotta give….

  1. Welcome to Hillary’s natural pharmacy.

    Okay, let’s start with sinusitis. Ben had chronic sinusitis for as long as I have known him, until about a year ago. Our acupuncturist recommended GSE (grapefruit seed extract) nasal spray. It has been really great at keeping his sinusitis gone. I suggest using it after you use the neti pot. It burns like crazy the first couple days you use it, but it does get better, I promise. I use it myself so I know from experience. Two other things to try in your neti pot are Varcho Veda Neti Wash Plus, which is an anti-microbial, anti-viral liquid
    that you can add to the saline solution in your neti pot. The other is xylitol which is a bacteria-inhibiting sugar alcohol (hence why it is the sweetener used in Trident chewing gum). I’ve never used xylitol in a neti pot so I don’t know how much you would need to use.

    My next suggestion is to check out Wish Garden Herbs ( They have immune support remedies for kids and adults (and pregnant women yaaaay!). I have taken their allergy relief and cold relief remedies. They work really well once you get the levels built up in your system.

    Learn to love Traditional Medicinal Echinacea Elderberry tea. It is my favorite, I love drinking it and it turns a really cool color.

    Vitamin A is good at fighting infection, although you have to be really careful with how much you take.

    All of this stuff is available at Vitamin Cottage, Whole Oats, those kinds of places.

  2. As you know, I am the queen of the sinus infection. Usually from March thru December. But past year, I have really reduced my dairy intake and also I take a lot of vitamin C. When I feel bad I take up to 3 packs of Emergen-C.

    Gotta give love to the grapefruit seed extract. It is a natural antibiotic/antibacterial.

    Additional supplements to include are zinc and kelp. The kelp contains iodine, magnesium, calcium, & potassium.

    Also consider working towards an alkaline diet, 80% of the health of your immune system resides in your stomach. So reducing/eliminating a high acid environment can improve your immune system.

    Case & point…Chris and I get the same cold. He drinks tons of water, eats really healthy and is back on his feet in 2-3 days. I stick to the diet day one, then cave for sugar after that…and the cold lingers for 1 week.

    (or you could just handle Abi while wearing a hazmat suit…LOL)

  3. laura, you aren’t gonna like this, but if you want to kick it once and for all just get some antibiotics. i had this kind of thing going on when i started at the pentagon a couple years ago – i’m convinced it was the combination of exposure to old, musty carpeting and proximity to pigpen-boy that was doing it. for seven months i just couldn’t kick flu-like symptoms no matter what i did. i finally whined to my dad, who phoned in a prescription for something-or-other, and poof… gone in ten days. healthy and sassy ever since.

    and get yer flu shots.


  4. Welp, as you know, I can sympathize. Sorry you are going through that. Usually antibiotics are the only thing that works for me any more. Cavities inside of your body are very hard to rid of infection. Sounds like you are in enough pain to want some… they work much quicker. If you are having serious dizziness you might also consider taking some Meclizine or some kind of motion sickness medicine. My last sinus infection turned into a double ear infection too, and I was miserable without the Meclizine.

    Prevention-wise, I take Zyrtec every night before bed (so I don’t have to deal with drowsiness) and I eat my oranges. And yes, sinus washes are VERY effective, aren’t they? haha! I have the NeilMed kind that you don’t have to tip upside-down or sideways. Oh, and Dad always recommends echinacea supplement.

    It’s good that your air out there isn’t 50% humidity all the time… I think that’s to blame for most of my allergies-turned-sinus-infections (resistant bionic mold!) Love ya, best wishes for getting better soon!

  5. Rest, make that REST, drink plenty of fluids (like chicken soup, orange juice and water), take zinc or just a good multivitamin, and stay away from germs 🙂 Then rest some more, and go for a health walk. Stay warm. Pamper yourself with tea. Eat healthfully and sleep when Abi sleeps.

    I feel that this advice is very simple compared to all the extremely scientific advice given above.

  6. Sinusitis? Echinacea. Run down? Echinacea. Bad breath? Echinacea. No friends? Echinacea.

    Actually I almost never take it anymore. I figured, no sense in letting my immune system get lazy. So, let’s hear it for germs! At least for a few days, after which, well, you know… the E word.

  7. Well, I’m confused about the Vit B12 supplement. B12 doesn’t have a role in immunity and if you eat meat products your levels should be fine. B12 is the one water soluble vitamin that is stored and recycled by the body. Echinacea is a good supplement and I’ve read there are no adverse effects. The only stipulation with that herb is you need to take it consistently. I think your hand washing idea is a good one.

  8. And, your stomach is at a pH 2 and it likes to stay that way. If you try to make it alkaline, it will counteract to produce more acid.

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