Maryland is for….

Here’s what we did the rest of our trip, when we weren’t being sick, riding in D.C., or getting lost. Our time with my parents and brother was also a lot of fun. Abi was completely better by then, so we had a really nice time. The most fun for me was getting to share things with Abi that I remember doing as a kid and now she is old enough to enjoy them.
We took Abi to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, something that I did every year as a field trip until I graduated pretty much. It was a lot of fun, and she seemed to really enjoy it all. The only issue we had was that she felt that all the fish / sharks / turtles were hers and she didn’t want to share them.
The next day, we took a fall walk with my Grandma and then we went to Baugher’s, home of the only apple butter that I feel is worth eating. I bought 3 jars of the stuff to take home (you better believe I am eating it right now). It was fun to see Abi enjoying the farm stand because I remember (vaguely) going there with Mom and they would give me a free apple. Abi got a free pear and ran all around.
One night Wes and I got to go for a date, which was a real treat too. We talked about politics and religion and talked very little about poop. It was pretty amazing. I love this shot of Dad and Abi reading together (from my old favorite book “What Do People Do All Day?”) while we were gone.
Although we had our fair share of drama, it was a great trip and we got to spend some quality time with family!


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