End of one season…..

Yesterday was about as perfect as fall days come – well, the morning was at least. We woke up to hear the chattering of dry leaves being blown down the sidewalk and the air was just chilled enough to wear our down vests. Abi and I spent the better part of the morning taking care of fall garden tasks: taking down the pole beans, adding pepper and tomato plants to the compost pile, taking in the last of the harvest, and of course, raking leaves. We even found one more perfectly red and juicy strawberry.
But, as with many things, as one part of the yard is packed up and put away, our little fall garden seems to be springing to life. The turnips, kale, carrots, and lettuce even survived the frost last night. I’m not seeing too much root growth on the root veggies, but the tops are going crazy. I think the roots won’t be far behind.
I just went to the Botanic Gardens this morning with Sonja, and it was fun to see how some things are dead and gone while others are still going strong, and others still are more beautiful than they have been all year.
And much like the garden, I feel like I am getting a fresh start in a lot of ways as the summer comes to an abrupt halt. Coming home from a long trip is always nice in a way, a time to re-evaluate priorities and schedules. This morning I took time to read some scripture before hopping out of bed, something I haven’t done in roughly 2 years. It was a great start to my day. And tomorrow, I’m going to go to a master’s swim group, even though I am scared out of my skull to even show up and I have put this off for nearly a year. I think it’s safe to say we’re looking forward to the winter and ski snow season, although we are thoroughly enjoying this transitional time as well.


2 responses to “End of one season…..

  1. Your garden is amazing! I hope you enjoyed the master’s swim! Are you going to the Y? Also – congrats on the 1/2! Well done! (I can’t remember if I already wrote a comment about that or not…) Looks like your trip was a blast =)

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