Virginia is for…..

The day after the race, Wes and I took Byron and Janelle’s bikes and rode into D.C. and around the mall and the monuments. It was really fun – the sun was setting and we were totally goofing off on the hybrid bikes we were riding. Goofing off so much, that a teenage boy started riding with us and talked to us a bit, I guess we looked fun or something.
Monday I drove to Monique’s place and we took Abi to a farm in Bluemont. They had so much stuff there for the kids – Abi loved the petting zoo and the slides and tunnels made out of big black plastic culvert tubes. Abi did great since she was finally feeling better, and we topped it off with kettle corn made right there on the farm……ooooooh man. Monique is so good with kids, and we had a great time together.
petting zoo
And did I mention the weather? It was 70 degrees and beautiful all weekend, and for most of the week you could actually see the sky!


One response to “Virginia is for…..

  1. It looks like you had a good time on your trip! I ran the Baystate Half Marathon yesterday, so it is funny that we ran one around the same time, my marathon buddy. It was good, but I am looking forward to doing something else, especially since it is getting colder. Take Care and it is always a pleasure to check out your blog!

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