Cabin Time

I am updating a bit out of order, but I’ll get around to the rest of our trip soon. We’re heading home tomorrow after a long trip back East. Heading up to the cabin is one of our favorite things to do, something we look forward to with every trip back here.
We went up – just the three of us – for two short days. We took Abi hiking and she loved it – the leaves were tumbling down around us as we were walking and we were some of the only people out that day. We did a short hike on the Appalachian Trail and tried to soak it all in.
I went for a run that my family will probably be talking about for years. “Remember that time Laura went out for a quick run at the cabin and got lost? And she came out on a strange road, and had to flag down a car, and the girl didn’t speak any English, and took her to an Apple Orchard? And finally a nice lady took the time to drive her back to the cabin? And she realized she wasn’t anywhere even remotely close to the cabin where she came out? That was funny!” Poor Wes, he almost had a heart attack waiting around for me to find my way home. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time I have done this, it’s just the first time since we had a child. I did get to see some amazing stuff, though – peeking out through the apple orchards all the way through the mountains and out to the Piedmont, and seeing four wild turkey strutting about. I even got to use some of my long-lost Spanish. I just wish I could remember how to say “I am lost” – all I could say was “I am sorry.” Just between you, me, and the internet though – it was really fun. I just feel bad to worry Wes like that.


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