Add this to the list….

Of things I am proud I can do, but don’t really like to do. The list includes things like run a chainsaw, dig a big hole, build a survival shelter, drive a really big (manual) truck, etc. And now……
Shoot a hunting rifle.
We went to Neil’s house (it’s in the boonies and he’s a bachelor so it counted as part of our strep quarantine) for Wes to sight in his rifle for hunting. He has a Savage .30-06 and the Savage part refers to the large bruise it leaves on the “meaty” part of your shoulder when you shoot it. I HAVE NO MEATY PART OF MY SHOULDER.
But, you can call me “Dead eye Johnson”……….
Savage 30-06


4 responses to “Add this to the list….

  1. I, too, did well when my future husband took me to learn how to use a hunting rifle, many years ago. I hit the center of the target a few times. He never took me shooting again. It must run in the family…maybe you could devise some fake meat on your shoulder by using a chamois strapped over the part that bruised.

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