Addendum to the rant

I hope my post yesterday didn’t offend – I don’t want to make it sound like Wes and I are cool (’cause if you know us, you know we are DORKS) or like we have it all figured out. We sure don’t. We were introduced to Dave Ramsey by the Gagniers about 4 years ago, and have been working hard to get out of debt ever since. His ideas are so simple, and based on Proverbs, and they make you want to smack your own forehead and say “oh, duh.”
My spending habits have completely changed, although if you give me $5 today I can guarantee to have spent it tomorrow (if it’s cash, of course). Wes, thankfully, has always been a saver and a giver, so he keeps me in line. We’re down to our last non-mortgage debt: my student loan, and we own a significant portion of our home. We’re proud of the lifestyle we choose and have seen God bless our efforts to not “be a slave to the lender.” You could do the same thing, too. Monique and Chris have worked like crazy to get freedom, my parents have made progress that encourages us to keep going, Troy and Sonja affirm that we are not weird for doing this, and so do many many others that we have the privilege of knowing.
If you are borrowing a lot or owing a lot, I’m sure at this point in our nations’ history, you are taking a good hard look at it. And I’d encourage anyone to think twice before you finance…anything. Regardless of what happens in Congress or on Wall Street, you can take control of your own financial situation.
Now I just need to convince Wes that owning suburban chickens will save us tons of money……


6 responses to “Addendum to the rant

  1. Isn’t Dave cool??? I went throught the course at church last fall…really opened my eyes to the stupidity in my financial life, and like you say; so much of it is common sense!

    Just a suggestion on the chickens though…talk to your neighbors. It really cuts down on problems if you can get them on board with the idea of keeping chickens!!!

  2. Yes, chickens are the way to go towards self-sufficiency. But, who will watch them when you go away for the weekend? You know they are really stupid, right?

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