Crunchiness and ranting…..

wool diapers
Well this is about as crunchy as it gets people….wool diaper covers I made from thrifted sweaters. And guess what? They WORK. We have never been able to find a night time diapering solution that doesn’t either leak, stink, or get ripped off by Abi (including disposables). These are the solution and I can say that the stripey sweater (thick 100% lambswool) is not only cute, but totally waterproof. The fancy marino wool sweater I picked up is better for daytime and is not quite as waterproof. It is so great to finally have a solution to our problem….for $16! I picked up the pattern here and got two sweaters at the local Goodwill for $8. That made 6 covers (4 covers and 2 tights), which is quite a bit better than the $40 per cover for already-made ones. Although I would have to say those would be worth it too, and still more economical than disposables. If you do this, look for 100% wool, use polyester thread, and go for thicker in the sweater.
Okay, and on to my rant – why is it now suddenly in vogue to live the kind of lifestyle we’ve been living (very NOT in vogue until…uh…last month)? Why does it take a huge crisis for people to stop borrowing and stop mindless spending? And here’s my biggest beef: I don’t care about irresponsible lenders. Nope. I think the real problem here is irresponsible borrowing. When did we stop thinking about how much we can pay back?? Draw your own conclusions.
On a positive note, I think that while there are no easy or fast fixes for the global financial crisis, it will spark some good changes on individual levels. I’m personally hoping for a society with much less debt and less emphasis on stuff. Call me naive. It’s been working for us. And it’s kind of nice not to be (so) weird for a change.

7 responses to “Crunchiness and ranting…..

  1. i could not agree more! imagine…people living within their means! crazy! accountability on the individual level is key. if people can’t figure out for themselves what they can afford, they deserve to be taken advantage of by the irresponsible lenders.

    hopefully this will wake people up — spend what you earn, never more, and hopefully less.

  2. Great post. Amen sister! You know we live it with you. When Troy and I first saw the picture in the post we were like “What the heck is Abi wearing”, and our first answer… “Annies old shirt”. I LOVE seeing stuff Annie wore appear on some of my favorite babies around town. I love the diaper covers, we’ll have to talk more about them later!

    Keep up the awesome resourcefulness, and the mindfulness, you rock!

  3. LOVE the diaper cover! And I am totally jealous that you got 6 covers for half the cost of ONE of the ones I bought! Oh, to be crafty… 😉

  4. As you know, we have completely changed our lifestyle too. I spent way too many years trying to “keep up with the Joneses”. And guess what…that doesn’t exist, it is a farce created by marketers to sell junk. Now that I am doing time with a 2nd job to pay for my bad choices, I am shocked at how many people are caught up in the rat race of trying to “fit in”. My opinion, the only way to “fit in” is to run your own road, be authentic & genuine…don’t try to be something you are not. A hard lesson our society is not ready to grow up and learn. (by the way…been listening to Dave Ramsey while I write this)

  5. You probably know that Hans has been having a field day with all this financial trouble. He has been also worrying his head off trying to make sure that we don’t lose our money and what we can do to save more money. He explained a lot to me last night about how the 700 billion dollar bailout would work and I am shocked that it can even happen. I told Hans that it seems when someone set up the way our financial system works (budget, banks, debt) they were writing a fictional story. It doesn’t seem real or likely to work. Apparently China and Japan will be buying the treasury notes (700 billion dollars worth). And we have to pay those back to them – 3% every year for each treasury bill amount and then at the end of 20 years the whole treasury bill. It’s ridiculous.

  6. AMEN!!! I actually wrote nearly the same ideas last week…glad to see I’m not the only one who feels like bailing out stupidity is, well, stupid!

  7. If I buy the sweaters, will you make me some covers for our new little squirt? I’ve always wanted to try wool, but I don’t want to pay for new ones.

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