When aspens turn yellow for 4 days…..

Well you will have to read this post imagining me talking with a stuffy nose. We had some great plans this weekend, I was the most excited about an epic mountain bike ride on the CO trail with the girls on Saturday. I finally succumbed (after 5 weeks) to one of Abi’s colds, and once the swollen glands and chest pain kicked in I had to pull the plug on that one.
Anna was going to watch Abi for the day, so she and I took Abi hiking instead and enjoyed the fall colors that way. I haven’t been to excited about fall since we moved out west. When you’re used to ALL the fall colors, everywhere, for weeks, it’s just hard to get excited about leaves turning yellow and then falling off about 4 days later. Well I take some of that back after yesterday, it’s spectacular here, but in a different way. We went up to Jones pass which is literally right next to the mine where Wes works. Wes took hunter safety on Saturday so he is all certified to “go an shoot stuff.”
I am feeling better already today (take Zinc lozenges, I am convinced they work) and managed to get an hour run in. I’m hoping the extra rest pays off in two weeks!


5 responses to “When aspens turn yellow for 4 days…..

  1. Yeah….rest as in 1 hour hike and 1 hour run instead of 4 hour bike and 2 hour run. And I took naps 😉
    Wes is going to hunt for an Elk on the mine property. He’s pretty excited about it and I know elk is yummy!

  2. Oooh, if Wes gets an elk, we are going to be so jealous. I love elk! I know how you feel about the Colorado fall colors. Granted, Oregon’s fall colors aren’t as amazing out east but it was still enough to make me wonder why everyone got so excited around here. It seems like it just takes that one perfect fall day, and you understand the glory and beauty of the mountains resplendent in their golden aspen glow.

  3. Great pictures. I love fall, we don’t get even 4 days of it in the Bay area. I just love it here, although the weather has been sooo nice!

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