Fall gardening

Our garden is slowly winding down in many ways, and just getting going in others. Yesterday I bought a dwarf cherry tree for half-price, so in two springs we will have some yummy cherries. Beans, zucchini, and tomatoes are trailing off and slowly yellowing; while kale and lettuce are going totally nuts. I also have some baby turnips and carrots on deck for a few weeks from now. I feel like I’m finally starting to get the hang of gardening here, just as fall approaches!
A friend at playgroup asked me a great question: What’s your favorite thing you have grown this year? My answer: Red Russian Kale. It is incredible stuff, and we only had about 6 weeks where the heat did it in, then it came right back. The key is to harvest it young, it’s not bitter and it bounces right back, and it can be chopped and put into everything. I think it’s pretty nutritious too (MD??).
Abi really loves the garden. I catch her out there picking and eating things all the time. I haven’t gotten a single cherry tomato, they have all either had one big bite taken out of them or been squished beyond recognition in some strange texture experiment. She eats the green beans like corn and calls them “be”‘s. Abi and the neighbor boy helped me pick all the ripe tomatoes on Monday and I made homemade sauce for the first time. Guess how much sauce 4 or 5 pounds of ‘maters gets you? Uh, not much. But it sure was tasty. I used Soule Mama’s recipe, added some browned ground bison, and had great results. Great results means that Wes both ate and enjoyed it.
picking beans
eating a bean


3 responses to “Fall gardening

  1. That’s quite a little gardener you have there! Do you remember sitting in the tall grass and eating our string beans right from the garden?

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