It’s been decided

After much contemplating next racing season, I’ve come to a few decisions. I have had such a fun year and gotten to do one of every kind of race I wanted to try. Not surprisingly, XTERRA tops my list as the most fun (and intense).
I’m still training for the Baltimore half in 3 weeks and things are going pretty well. I am doing more intensity work in my running than I ever have, and I have surprised myself a few times (sub-7:30 miles are a big deal for me!). I have to say though, I think running on the road and on sidewalks is immensely boring. I don’t run with music for safety and for pacing problems, and I am getting SO BORED when I run more than an hour. I suppose there’s a reason I started as a mountain biker and was never very good at road racing (although I can throw down in an ITT). It turns out that running is the same. No more road races after this one!
So, my plan is, God willing, to focus on XTERRA next summer and to throw in a mountain bike race or trail race if needed to keep my fitness up. I won’t have an official coach, due to financial goals that Wes and I have set, but I have many great resources to turn to for advice and motivation. My first step of action is to find an affordable and close masters swim group and swim what is left of my fanny off this winter. And you’ll be seeing me toting Abi all around town until it’s too icy – we both love it! Once the ice hits, its off to nordic skis we will go. I am looking forward to my last race and for a change of pace this fall and winter.

One response to “It’s been decided

  1. Sounds like you have given this some good thought and come to some very reasonable solutions. It’s nice to see where you are headed and be sure to include me in your list of free resources.

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