It takes an army and……

A very dirty kitchen. Thanks so much for all the encouragement, prayers, phone calls, and emails this past week. Things are improving: my other family members are healthy again, and I am slowly paring down what I am trying to accomplish in a day. I’m also going to try to take care of Laura a little better. Thanks for letting me vent and for being answered prayers.
I’ve decided that it is true that it takes an army to raise a child well. Not always for the child – sometimes for the mom or dad! My good friend Liz and I were chatting at the playground this week that it is always hard to ask for help. I didn’t even need physical help so much as support and understanding, and it has made a huge difference.
I’ve also decided that, as much as I like clean and neat, it takes a dirty kitchen as well. Something had to give this past week, and the kitchen was it. Enjoy my picture of chaos. And no, I’m not to blame for the open drawers and stuff all over the floor. Although I will claim the rest of it. And isn’t it funny that Abi sorts and stacks her messiness at least? Look at the little pink bowls. Hans, if you’re reading, try not to throw up when you see this.


5 responses to “It takes an army and……

  1. I know Abi had lots of fun opening cabinets, drawers..etc…that’s the inquisite mind of ALL normal children….. otherwise…she would not be normal..

    so.. ..time will pass ..and other NEW experiences for all of you will happen..

    in the meantime I just admired the gorgeous pictures of Rainbow Lakes etc…its a breath of fresh air..

    send more of Maman..

    ps. Garland mother -Earlene- is in the hospital ,with a fractured right hip which was operated on thursday..Her heart is very weak.. and the prognosis
    is not good at all.. they gave her heavy doses of morphine .. she is almost 90 ( in december) so..??? inch allah . as the muslims say..

  2. This has inspired me to take a picture and post it next time my kitchen is a mess. We could have a “Blog your dirty kitchen” week. Wouldn’t that be fun? Yea, let the kitchen go, you’ll just laugh later about it. You are doin’ great. Let us know if you need help!

  3. You think *that’s* a messy kitchen? Man, I’m glad you haven’t seen MY house recently! :p Seriously, though, that’s one of the first things I let go when things started getting tough last year. Mental health is SO much more important than a clean house, although it’s hard to let things go sometimes.

    Sending you lots of hugs! Hope to see you soon, it’s been too long!

  4. I gave up when your little sister was born! We have some really cute pics of you two, with counters piled high in the background. I had to lose my self-consciousness about that mess if I wanted the pictures of her cute expressions.
    I saw a plaque once that read like this: “A clean kitchen is a sign of a sick mind.”
    Would you like me to have that enlarged for you? And enhanced with a floral border?

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