Rainbow Lakes

Yeah, I was getting tired of the post categories in the titles too. I bet you were, but were too nice to say anything. I’ll be using the categories at the bottom, where it says “Category.” Hmmm, amazing.
We just got back from a very truncated camping trip in the mountains. We visited a spot called Rainbow Lakes and camped out. We got in a hike and a mountain bike ride with the Chariot on a dirt road, and some very chilly camping. It was totally gorgeous yesterday. Totally freezing and wet this morning, so we called it quits and came home.
On a side note, things have been a little rough lately.You can probably tell the posts are a bit more melancholy. I usually try to “tough girl” it out, but I am learning that’s not always for the best. Nothing to worry about, but we could use an extra prayer, hug, or even phone call / email this week.
Peace out.


8 responses to “Rainbow Lakes

  1. Hey, did you get your hair cut!? It looks really cute in the picture. Love you. Would love to chat this week.

  2. Just like Catie says “HUGZZ”, from me to you :). I’m sure you’re unwinding today from camping, so I’ll give you a call tomorrow. If you need anything before that, just call.

  3. That picture says TODDLERHOOD in a big way! Ugh! what an expression.
    I’m glad you came in out of the rain and chill. It looks gorgeous there!
    Love the family pic.

  4. Heya,
    Just logged onto your blog today…. l am always so impressed with you keeping all of us so up to date with what is happening in your life. It really helps me keep in touch. You are doing so many things right now , raising a family, being a wife, training for a marathon, taking care of so many things, that it’s real easy to be stressed out now and then..sometimes it can get to you and other times not.. keeping vigil on the course is a challenge. But you know if you didn’t have any challenges what would you do? We keep you in our hearts every day, know you are loved and we’re so proud!

  5. Glad to see someone else in the family who’s short with big feet… but maybe not short for long! cute baby Crocs.

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