Craftiness: Amateur Sergery

I whipped up this shirt for Abi last night. I can’t find a pattern like this anywhere, so I had to make one up. The whole project, including pattern-making, cutting, and cussing/muttering at the machine, only took an hour and a half. Sergers are like hydraulic disc brakes on mountain bikes – they either work awesome,or NOT AT ALL. I think the shoulders on the shirt are a bit wide, so now I can adjust for the next one I make. And pink camo, it’s a little redneck, but so cute (I think)!
If you need a 2T t-shirt pattern, comment me, I’d be glad to share 🙂


2 responses to “Craftiness: Amateur Sergery

  1. I like the model. She looks like a real pro! Sippy cup, lambie blankie, and everything! This one has natural style, just like her Super Mom. Sergery – I get it, knee-slapping…etc. Ho ho ho he he he

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