Craftiness: Power serge

I picked up this serger off Craig’s list a few weeks ago. It didn’t come with a manual, so I got a great deal on it. Guess what? Sergers are REALLY COMPLICATED. 4 spools of thread and two needles. Eeek.
Between Wes and I, we finally got it running last night. Kind of like a grown-up puzzle. It is really, really cool. Not sure what a serger does? Look at one of your t-shirts inside out. See how on the seams, the fabric is not just sewn together but there is thread looping around (overlocking) the fabric edges? This is usually the big difference between professionally sewn things and home-sewn things.
And now that it’s working, I found a copy of the user manual online for $10 at I’m still going to pick one up just in case………


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