Grit: Buffalo Creek XTERRA Pictures

Well, its been a while since the Buffalo Creek XTERRA, but it was my favorite race this year. I just got a DVD full of all the professional race pictures. The race director hires photographers and then sends out a slide show set to music as well as all the pictures for us as part of our race fee. I think Buffalo Creek is one of the best deals in racing.
These are the professional pics from the day, enjoy!
The camera guy was egging me on to pass this lady at the top of the big climb back to transition.
I’m smiling because its fun AND because I just finished the climb. And passed the lady from the last shot.
I found this one of Amy trying to defy gravity, looks like it worked!
Finish of my first XTERRA! A long time coming!


5 responses to “Grit: Buffalo Creek XTERRA Pictures

  1. Awesome pics!! Hehe I remember the guy taking the one of me mid-air and hoping that it came out! I can’t wait to go home and check the mail =)

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