Grit: Improving your mountain biking

It’s not much of a secret that I’m really just a mountain biker at heart that happens to do other sports. It’s hard to let go of your first sport love, even when you can only get out once a week or less. When you’ve been doing something for eleven years and every ride is more awesomer (sorry) than the last you have a good thing going. I hope I’m still hitting the trails when I’m seventy.
Related to this, I suppose, are people asking me for mountain biking advice. I’m no expert. I’m definitely not the fastest. I just love it. But, for those interested, I just came across a great article by Melanie McQuaid that really explains how to train for mountain biking. I love her explanation of how different it is than road. They really are two completely different sports.
For a less technical version of the same thing, may I suggest Carmichael Training System’s mountain biking trainer video, which you can bet I will be using this winter. It has both types of intervals Melanie talks about in her article. I didn’t bust it out this past winter because I wasn’t ready for the total exhaustion it brings on, but I think I have enough miles on the legs to brave it again.
But of course, nothing, nothing beats going for a real mountain bike ride, especially with someone you love to ride with. That was how I spent my birthday morning and it couldn’t have been better!


2 responses to “Grit: Improving your mountain biking

  1. Actually, it’s a good friend who forgets your birthday (especially when you get a little older). That way, when the friend finds out, you get to celebrate all over again!

    Laura, you always did like GRIT! I found it everywhere you had been….a little trail of grit. You have internal grit, too. Whatever you decide to do, you can do it!

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