Life: Fall is here

I’m not counting the hot weather out just yet, but when Abi and I can go for a run at 3pm without me wanting to die melt, it’s safe to say fall is very close.

I have suddenly started teaching again, another sure sign of fall. This semester I am teaching 2 separate classes as independent studies, one has 2 students and the other has just one. This is basically something I am doing for personal enrichment, because I will make much less than $500 for the whole semester. I nearly forgot how much I love writing curriculum, organizing lessons, and the challenge of teaching people I can’t see. So far, so good, but the added stress has taken its toll the last two weeks. In another week or two, everything will balance back out like it always does. I have faith that I was put here to teach: Abi first, others second.

Enter running. I finally signed up for the Baltimore half-marathon in five weeks and I am looking forward to it. It’s been fun to get my legs back under me again, running some fast workouts, and getting a good sweat / stress relief in most days of the week. Been getting in some mountain bike rides lately too, which is always a treat.

I’m glad I started running more because Anna just brought Wes & I a batch of oat-fudge bars for our birthdays. Oat-fudge bars are something they serve up at Bollo’s, the best little coffee shop / bakery / people-watching joint in Blacksburg. One bite brings back so many memories…..good, bad, and in-between. More than 3 or 4 bites brings on the stomach ache, those things are so rich! Into the freezer they go to be enjoyed with morning tea and cool fall breezes. Happy fall to everyone!


One response to “Life: Fall is here

  1. i hit up bollos a couple weekends ago when i was in town for burke’s garden. it is EXACTLY the same, which was refreshing, given all the construction going on in town otherwise. don’t get me started on that one.

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