Grace: Who’s teaching who?

I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.

I never really understood this teaching of Jesus until recently. Let me explain.

Abi is a toddler. Toddlers are on the outside what we are all actually like on the inside. They don’t know social norms yet. They don’t know how to check their emotions. They don’t know how to “act nice.”

As a parent, part of my job is to teach Abi “the rules.” Rules like: don’t hit, poop is gross, don’t play in the road, fuzz is not food, everything is not actually yours, sleep is important, don’t grab the dog, etc. I think Wes and I are making some progress here.

However, Abi has been teaching me the “anti-rules.” Rules like: live big, don’t hold back, say “hi” to everyone (even if it takes 37 “hi’s” to get them to acknowledge you), hold hands, cry when you’re hurt, dance to the music in your head (anywhere), don’t apologize for who you are, let people know what you’re really thinking.

And I think that’s what Jesus really meant: God doesn’t want our “be nice” side, he wants the real side. That’s the key to knowing Him more closely. He already knows what we’re all like – so be real. There’s no other way to do life.

Oh yeah, and love your babies.


6 responses to “Grace: Who’s teaching who?

  1. Its a beautiful, beautiful world, my friend and there is so much to see, learn and admire, be thankful for. Enjoy this beautiful living and thanks for sharing this cute post πŸ™‚ Best Wishes, Dharitri

  2. I love this blog! Really cool. I like the lessons you are teaching her too:) – especially “don’t eat fuzz; and poop is gross” :). She’s beautiful, like her mama.

  3. What can I say? Wow! Beautiful thoughts. We are totally transparent before God, nothing is hid; and yet He loves us anyway and desires that we come to Him through simple childlike faith, trust. Not only for salvation but for moment by moment daily living. Just like Abi to you.

    God simply wants us to trust His mercy and grace for our lives and also for the lives of others. Like a child we are believing that our heavenly Father will guide us in the way we should go, teaching us and correcting us for our good, to bless us, so He is glorified. So we don’t hide we need to be corrected – we seek, and in seeking we find Him.

  4. Goodness sakes alive , you have captured the blessed spirit of love. It is trully amazing to understand the beauty of what God’s gift has given to you and Wes when you both have nurtured and love Abi every day. I am so moved as to how soon you have realized that our children are trully the gift of life. Through their eyes and soul we see how pure life is… and how welcoming they are to the gifts given to them … the simple gift of cherishing comfort through holding hands or even saying hi… the pure joy… goodness thank God and above all thanks to Abi to being so beautiful to give it right back to the world! Thank you Laura for sharing such a profound moment … thank you!

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