Love: Happy Birthday, Big Wes!

Happy Birthday to everyone’s favorite Wes. For his birthday this year, Abi gave him a wicked cold, I gave him some warm bike clothes, and we went cabin camping with some great friends.
We just returned yesterday from camping in Co. Springs with the Watkins’ and the Lundgren’s and we had a nice relaxing time. Cabin camping in an RV park may not exactly be roughing it, but it sure is easy with tots in tow! The boys got in a climb, we got to hike, and the kids had a great time playing and getting dirty. We had some awesome camp food as well. Wes and I took the long way home through Buffalo Creek and dreamed about how nice it would be to have our own little cabin in that area, we truly love it out there.
We forgot the camera again, so thanks to Erica L for some great pics.
Happy Birthday to an amazing husband and daddy. We love you!


3 responses to “Love: Happy Birthday, Big Wes!

  1. Thanks for the awesome weekend and for being an awesome wife!!! I got the best family ever!!!!

  2. Well, that was quite a traveling group! Adorable pictures of the tots, especially the one where they are relaxing. Wes, it looks like you have lots of admirers 🙂

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