Life: For your meal-planning pleasure

fixfreeze feastIf you’ve been around me lately, you’ve probably heard me raving about this book. A couple of months ago, Wes and I did some research on our freezer co-op and discovered we were really getting ripped off. We started buying everything at Costco, and we don’t go to the store any more than we did previously. This book has every recipe done by the tray-pack. For example, one Costco tray of chicken becomes 6 prepared meals in about 30 minutes, put into bags, and cooked up when we want them. It is amazing, and we have been eating out a lot less this month than usual (so that means we are down to like 1 time per month)! You can also get your friends in on it and each make something, and then swap so everyone ends up with a bag of something different. Our playgroup did this and we are all loving it. It’s also great for keeping meals on hand for helping people out – a friend who had a rough week with a sick baby got a meal, and another two friends with new or on-the-way babies got meals too, with minimal stress on my part!

artisan bread Okay, who likes fresh bread? Oh, let’s see, everyone. Who has time to make it? No one. Not to mention that store-bought bread is pretty freaky (like how is it not moldy after 2 weeks? weird!) and expensive. My friend Sonja recommended this book and I just got it from the library. We have had fresh baguette the last two nights and it has been amazingly easy. Here’s the basic idea: mix up a big batch of dough – no kneading or yeast proofing required. Put it in a big tub. Let it sit out for a bit, then refrigerate it. When you want bread, just cut off a piece, shape it, let it rest while the oven heats, and bake it. Ohh, and it’s good bread. I have made many types of bread before and this is definitely the easiest, most fool-proof way to do it. It’s on my Amazon wishlist now (hey, my Birthday is coming up……). Wes loves the “bread bucket” method as well and I think we’re each gonna gain 10 pounds if we keep this up every night.


5 responses to “Life: For your meal-planning pleasure

  1. if you send me some of the dough they gave you to plug their stuff, i won’t tell anyone this was a paid endorsement.


    p.s. see what i did there? “dough”?

    p.p.s. it was a clever reference to your homemade bread love.

    p.p.p.s. i am SO clever.

    p.p.p.p.s. going to bburg this weekend. i’ll tell it you said hi.

  2. That was so not a paid endorsement! Although, I wouldn ‘t turn it down if they did pay me…..

  3. Cool! I will have to check those books out!

    So do you think you’ll end up with like 4 copies for your birthday now? I’d get it but I am afraid I’d send you copy #5!:)

    Any other birthday hints? I am shopping for you this weekend.

  4. Okay, You have almost persuaded me to buy yet another cookbook. Your persuasion is very strong, especially since I just signed up for two new activities this week – being Youth Choir Director at church and registering for three classes at Shenandoah Conservatory. Meals are going to need to be ready… must go on, even if the Mom is driven to do things outside the home….
    Do you think it will work, with the way my meat is packaged (1-2 pounds per package)?

  5. Ever since I looked through the cookbook in Colorado I have been thinking about getting it. The freezer cookies would be so easy for my not so healthy eating hubby and quick is oh so good now!! I have been racking my brain to figure out what to get you and I think I may have it – no it is not a cookbook. Sorry! 🙂 But you’ll love it I think.

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