Off to the races

I leave this morning for Utah, so I’ll post pictures and a race report when I get back! It’s going to be kind of hard to leave Abi and Wes, Abi is teething and is pretty clingy and whiny. I think it will be good for everyone for me to get a little break, though. I’m sure Wes will do great with Abi, he is a wonderful daddy.

After I get back, I’m going to change the format here on the blog a bit. Did you notice the subtitle of our blog – Life, Love, Grace, and Grit with the Johnsons? I’m going to aim to make posts in those categories. As in:
Life – What’s going on around here
Love – Our relationships: with each other, with extended family, with friends
Grace – How God is working and present in our lives
Grit – Our outdoor adventures and/or those “gritty” days where everything isn’t perfect
Hope you enjoy!


4 responses to “Off to the races

  1. Good luck! I know you’re gonna have a blast and kick some major butt! Have a fantastic time and enjoy your toddler-free weekend!

  2. You’re probably racing right now — I know you’re gonna do awesome! I hope the weather there is as beautiful as it is here =)

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