Where to?

I have been thinking a LOT lately and talking Wes’ ear off about this triathlon season. I didn’t work toward any particular event, just wanted to try one of each of the race formats I thought might be fun. It went really well and I have been so encouraged by the support of my family, friends, and blog readers (who are family and friends, anyway).
I’m trying to figure out where I want to go with this. Do I want a big goal – like qualifying for XTERRA nationals or completing a 70.3 race next year? Adventure race with Wes? Go back to bike racing? Do I want to do what I did again this year? I know I don’t need to have it all figured out, but some goals will require a year of planning, and some won’t.
So, I have been thinking and praying a lot about big dreams and balancing it all. More than anything, I want to be an excellent wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. I’m going to just put this out there and say I would REALLY like to hear your input – on your dreams pursued, on how you balance your lives, on what’s really important – even if you’re not an athlete – as I process all this stuff. Comment me, please. Don’t feel silly.

6 responses to “Where to?

  1. Troy’s Advise since he just read your post too: He thinks you should research each choice you have, and do the one that gets you the most excited. He likes the idea of following your passion.

    My Advise: I never have a shortage of stuff I want to accomplish. Most things that are on your list are on mine as well, but some are on the back burner b/c they are less feasible right now. Like Adventure Racing requires multi-day and overnight training, so as much as I would love to go that direction, I like coming home to my family after training. After all, you have to save something for when you are 40…some people save golf, some save adventure racing. 🙂

    It’s a balance of what is feasible, and what pushes your buttons. You have done a good job this year of balancing training and mommy/wife life this year, so I think you should go more in the direction of what you did this year. Build on what you accomplished. Good luck with your decisions, feel free to call if you want to hash it out in words!

  2. Thanks for posing this question and being purposeful. Just reading it was a good reminder for me that I could be more purposeful in the goal of being an excellent wife, daughter, sister, friend, employee…

    I haven’t done a good job of implementing this, but I read a book once called Between Walden and the Whirlwind (which I really liked). The author suggested taking time to pray over and determine first what are the ESSENTIALS for this season in your life right now – top priority that you don’t want to sacrifice for other things – and then what are the other responsibilities you have for this season…and then what things would God have you do right now and make a tree of priority of sorts and use it as a guide. That might be a bad summary but that is the gist.

  3. I think I am at the opposite end of the spectrum from you. I had set a big goal for myself. I wanted to run the Other 1/2 marathon in Moab in under 2 hours this October. It would mean taking about 25 minutes off my PRH time, but due to recent reproductive events, I am having to work through letting go of that goal, for the time being. I got a pretty good reminder Sunday night to cut myself some slack and appreciate this pregnancy. Goals are great to have but they also have a funny way of changing…

  4. As long as you start each day with prayer that God guide you and bless you in your choice of priorities, (that is, unless, of course, you are already feeding your priority her breakfast), you should do just fine. I liked the way you had your training goals posted on the fridge. Since you spread them over a week, it gave you more of a chance to meet them. If you didn’t meet them one day, you could do them the next day and still be on track. I suggest keeping that tracker a while longer and maybe gradually adding to it, if you can get the time away. I thought it was very inspirational.

  5. I set a couple of big goals for myself toward the beginning of the year…to run a half-marathon and to complete an olympic distance tri. I can check those both of my list now, times two! (Well, as of next weekend for the tri anyway.) I find that setting goals is really important for me to help keep me motivated to keep training. I have issues with slacking off if I’m not working towards something specific, which is why I’ve done so many races this year. Well, that, and they’re just fun! Although expensive, so I don’t think I can keep up this race habit, unfortunately.

    I’m thinking about two big goals for next year, but am also concerned about the balance thing. I’m thinking very seriously about a late season 70.3 (probably Harvest Moon) and contemplating a winter marathon (maybe the Rock n’ Roll Marathon in Phoenix in January). Part of me says that now is the time to go for these, I may never have a better chance, but the other side of me is really concerned about the amount of time I would need to commit to training, especially for a marathon. I still have at least a couple of months before I need to commit for the marathon, so I have plenty of time to keep waffling! 🙂

  6. I can’t provide any advice on the mom/wife aspect of it, but I can try to share what I’ve learned about racing this year.

    I think the best thing to do is to focus on racing and being really fit and ready to go for 2-2.5 months a year. So if you want to go to Xterra Nationals, start racing mid-June and get all all of your qualifiers between then and the end of July. Then have a couple of weeks to get ready for the big one. Tune-up races earlier are fine, as long as you can actually treat them as tune-ups and you aren’t out there every weekend getting on some sort of starting line (tri, running, biking, etc). I’d say limit it to 1-3 low-key tune-up events. Maybe a 5k run and Littlefoot again or something similar.

    It helps me to think of being completely done after the big race…so I can just picture myself lounging around and then I can push myself a bit harder in the weeks leading up to it. Even if you are sure you going to do another race afterward, don’t put it on the radar…the big one is where you want to perform so that should be the only race on your mind after the qualifiers are done (assuming you do Xterra, similar stuff for the 70.3 prep).

    Most importantly: take an off-season, like really don’t do anything until it is absolutely killing you to be sedentary and then take an extra week off, and then you’ll be ready to train hard!

    Sorry this is insano long! This is pretty much everything I DIDN’T do this year, and now I am feeling totally fried with 6 weeks of season still left — not good! Hopefully we can both learn from my mistakes =)

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