Toddler painting

Today is Abi’s “official” 18-month old day. I can hardly believe my little baby is a year and a half old already. She had her checkup at the pediatrician this morning, no shots due (woohoo!), and she’s growing just fine!
To celebrate her 18-month day, I got brave and decided to try a new art project with her after breakfast. I got out my watercolors from my painting days, some safety cotton swabs (’cause they have bigger tips), and some paper.
I dipped the swabs in water, then rolled them around in the paint. I gave her a different swab for each color. She LOVED it and made quite a masterpiece. It was far less messy than just letting her have the paints, too. Kinda made me want to get out my brushes again, except I can’t find them, because my little organizer has put them somewhere for me.
My only beef with this project is that you have to throw away the swabs, so I think I’ll pick up some foam brushes for next time (and maybe some real brushes for me!).


2 responses to “Toddler painting

  1. Sounds watery. You liked art supplies at that age, too. You would be good and make art in the kitchen for up to 40 minutes a day when you were 2 1/2. I am still amazed at how early Abi is doing everything. That is because you have the patience and the time to do these creative things with her. And, you don’t mind messes.

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