XDURO half

So I just found out that the XDURO course will be the exact same as the mountain bike leg of the XTERRA regional champs. So we will be out there running while the XTERRA athletes are biking!

Good: 1. I just might get to see Melanie McQuaid and some other awesome athletes, if only for a split second!
2. I will know the course REALLY well for regional champs next year, since I’m planning on doing those.
3. Running the whole bike leg will make me feel pretty hardcore.

Bad: 1. I’ll be RUNNING instead of mountain biking, which might will make me jealous.
2. Takes a lot longer to run 21K all uphill than it does to bike it.

4 responses to “XDURO half

  1. That’s crazy! You are seriously going to be running WHILE they are biking. That sounds a little hectic for one trail! You are going to rock the house, let me know how those races are. XTERRA tends to do a phenomenal job at running races.

  2. I think for me, it would be faster running 21k uphill rather than biking because if I was biking, I would be off the bike and pushing it up the hill. 🙂
    You are going to have a great time on this race!!

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