Blue to Green

(Took this one with my phone just before I started running)

I just got back from a WONDERFUL trail run tonight. It was one of those runs that reminded me why I am doing all this. Somehow in the week before and after Boulder Peak, I got really focused on numbers again. I was happy with how everything went with the race, and tried to keep my chin up about it, but I still had this nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach about racing in general. I think some comments from Wes really set me off, but we had a nice long heart-to-heart the other night and got everything straightened out. We decided this is not the year for nationals and that I should still do the XDURO race coming up, but honestly I haven’t been too excited about that one. Until now.

I hit the trail right around 7pm and started straight uphill. I went to one of my local faves that has lots of trees and rocks and talus field and windy stuff and even some scrambling if you go far enough out. Maddy came with me, ever my loyal trail running buddy. The great thing about trail running is that numbers mean nothing. SQUAT. I can run a 13 minute mile uphill on the trail and feel like I am flying. I saw just a few people out there tonight, but not too many once I got a mile in. It was just me, Maddy, a lot of deer, and the trail. A little under two hours later, I finished running in the dark with Maddy jingling behind me (I made her carry some of the water and my headlamp this time) and thinking of how THAT was an adventure and THAT is why I train. It was also nice to remind myself that I really can run well – just not in 100 degree heat. This run was the culmination of several things that have really chased my blues away: new discoveries in the Word, a group bike workout, talking with Wes, talking with my great friend Kim, and a nice relaxing Sunday with family and friends. I told Wes the only way that run could have been better would have been if I was mountain biking. And that is a VERY good run.

(Sunset over the mountains on my way down)

I’m ready for you, XDURO, and I’m expecting nothing less from you than an adventure.


3 responses to “Blue to Green

  1. I love you Laura! What were your new Word discoveries? I have been reading Isaiah 35 a lot lately (or maybe it is 53. It is those two numbers:) and the chapter talks about deserts blossoming, streams in the desert…) I am planning to read that Watchman Nee book when I go to the River (St. Lawrence) with Nils and fam.

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