What purple tastes like

I just found this pic I took a few weeks ago. Abi did just fine with regular skinny crayons, but when we upgraded to the nice big fat toddler ones, this is what happened. I turned my back for, oh, 20 seconds to keep dinner from burning and this is what I saw when I turned back around. At least they’re just made of wax.


5 responses to “What purple tastes like

  1. Thats so cute. I’ve had days like this. But they are usually markers. And its not just the face, but the arms, legs, belly, walls, floors, and table. Yay. 😐

  2. Mmm, Tana did that with a brown crayon not to long ago. I would have taken a picture, but I had to get it cleaned up before it made me throw up. Totally looked like she had a mouthful of runny poo. GROSS!!!

  3. purple’s okay. a bit bitter. red tastes a lot sweeter.

    that i know this probably explains a lot.

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