Boulder Peak Triathlon

Yesterday was the Boulder Peak Triathlon. I had no idea it was such a big deal, people come from all over to do it and there were lots of pros there too. One of our Olympians was there as well! It was an Olympic distance race, so 1.5K swim, 42K bike, 10K run. For us non-metric types, that’s nearly 1 mile, 25 miles, and 6.2 miles.
Mom and Dad got here Thursday of this week so we have been enjoying their visit a lot. Saturday we went to the farmer’s market and then I went to pick up my race packet. I ate, and ate, and ate all day Saturday and got a killer nap. Sunday I got up a little after 4 after a pretty fitful sleep. I dreamed I was doing the run and then decided to stop and read a magazine because I was bored. I drove to the race site alone and got body marked by my good friend Liz, who is partly responsible for getting me into this in the first place. (Thanks, Liz!) I set up my transition quickly and got out of there. I don’t like hearing people chatter about the race because they were all focusing on how hard the hill would be, how hot it would be, etc., etc. I hooked up my ipod and walked around the reservoir for a bit and got my head in a good place.
There was a lot of waiting around for the race start, and my tummy troubles from the food poisoning 2 weeks ago are far from over, so I had to take care of that. My friend Anna showed up so I talked to her and she had a lot of positive comments and a calmness about her. She’s a seasoned triathlete and tri coach so I think her calmness rubbed off a bit!
My family showed up about 15 minutes before our start, so I was really happy to see them. I saw my friend Gaye and gave her some encouragement before her start, and Sonja was there warming up too. Pretty soon we were starting! Swim was about like XTERRA, I just stayed calm, although I zig-zagged all over the place so I think I wasted a lot of time doing that. The water felt awesome, it was my warmest tri yet. Total swim time was 36 minutes (4 minutes faster than last month!) and as I came under the big red arch I was grinning like crazy. There were so many people cheering there! Amy was there too, cheering like a crazy person. It was awesome.
I got out of my wetsuit quickly, grabbed my bike, and ran for the mount line. I get so irritated with people that just stand there on the mount line while getting clipped in. But, they were better swimmers than me, so I tried to think about that while getting on cross-style 1 minute 48 seconds later. I knew I had a lot of catching up to do!
The bike course was FAST and FUN. I was having such a good time out there the first 15 miles or so. The first 7 miles are all uphill, but only about 3 miles of that is a significant climb, called Olde Stage. I felt like I rocked the hill, rode much stronger than last weekend, and people were yelling my number which just kept me going. I passed all the girls I could see on the big hill, because I am not a gutsy descender, I figured this was a good strategy so I went all out. There were all these people dressed up and they made this gauntlet that I rode through and they were yelling in my face, I was yelling back and grinning and climbing, it was a total rush! Those spectators were the best.
After about mile 15, I ran out of girls to pass and started to slack off a bit, unknowingly. Total bike time was 1:23 and I averaged 18.7 mph. I was hoping to average closer to 20, but oh well!
Bike to run transition went off without a hitch and I was running in 59 seconds. Everyone was there cheering again, Anna high-fived me, and I was feeling awesome for the first mile. I averaged about 7:55 for mile 1, trying to slow down a bit, but feeling great. Then the heat hit me and I struggled to hold a 9 minute mile….then 9:30….then 10. I was watching the Forerunner waaay too much. I don’t like racing with that thing. I saw Amy D out there, rocking the run, but also looking pretty uncomfortable. I decided that everyone was suffering just as much as I was and then I tried all kids of mind tricks to keep myself running. It was brutally hot – 100 degrees and completely exposed. I walked several times just to get a break and get ice at the aid stations. I was so happy to get to the last mile – and then 2 girls from my age group passed me. I decided to go for it, because I know I am a faster runner than that. I caught and passed them, and then this girl in a red shirt passed me. I looked at her leg and saw she was my age – 27. No way, I thought. I worked too hard for this. So I kicked it in HARD in the last 200 meters and passed her right before the finish. As we were being draped with cold towels, I reached over and high-fived her, and we were both all smiles. Now that was racin’!
My total time was 3:01. I was hoping for under 3 hours, but I am happy with how everything went, especially since I’ve been sickish for the last 2 weeks. I was also super happy with my hydration and nutrition. I knew it would be key for this race – I took 4 hammer gels and drank well over 40 ounces of water and Gatorade during the race. I usually do pretty horrible with that, so it was a great thing to practice.
Post-race was hot and after some hi’s and bye’s with friends, we headed home with the AC cranked. We heard the bad news that Anna hit a deer on the way home, since Wes left early with Abi, he picked her up and thankfully she was okay but her new car is not 😦 .
Even with the heat, I felt about 100 times better than after the XTERRA. It was such a boost to have my parents there, and to hear so many good friends cheering, and even Abi was going “ahhhh!” when I was finishing. I can’t thank you all enough for your support.
I was 31st out of 101 in my age group, so I qualified for nationals! I don’t think I am that caliber really, but it was cool to qualify, and I am kid of toying with the idea……
More pictures on the Flickr stream, check them out!


12 responses to “Boulder Peak Triathlon

  1. What an awesome race – you are a ROCK STAR!!! You looked SO strong and HAPPY every time I saw you; really that’s why we do this, so it was awesome to see you just loving the day. You deserve a huge congratulations for qualifying for Nationals – what a huge accomplishment to have achieved in just your third tri ever!! Wow. Congrats on an incredible personal milestone and here’s to our love for triathlon – who would have thought in a hundred years, eh?! 🙂

  2. You’re awesome! What’s your flickr name? I couldn’t figure it out or find the pictures.

  3. Holy crap, that’s awesome, Laura! Nationals!?! Way to go!

    You are a total rock star. I’m so glad that we got to race together yesterday, it could have been a completely miserable race without all the friendly faces out there!

    Now can you help me figure out why I’m so freaking slow on the bike? 😉

  4. Yay!! You did look great out there and had lots of smiles for everyone – awesome job. Congratulations on qualifying for nationals – AMAZING :).

  5. Nice going Laura! So funny b/c when I saw you on the run I thought, “Ok there’s Laura and she looks totally fine and is cruisin right along even in the heat!” You even had the coordination to clap, which is something I cannot fathom. Congrats on such a huge improvement in your swim! Keep swimming and it will keep coming down =) Jordan and I both say thanks a ton for your cheers =)

    PS – Go to nationals! It’ll be a fun time!

  6. You go girl! You gotta head to Nationals, Portland is the bomb, you would love love love it! Great job improving that swimming and throwing it down on Old Stage. Very nice work! Great attitude, awesome awesome!

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