Botanic Garden Cuteness

Yesterday a few of us from playgroup took the kiddos to the Botanic Gardens. I got a membership, woo-hoo! I am very excited about that. It’s about a 30 minute drive from the house and a great thing to do in the morning. Check out the cute pics, courtesy of Erica L.
I am going to harvest the first of many zucchini this afternoon for dinner from our own garden! Tomatoes are coming along, although I am having some blossom end rot problems. The worms died đŸ˜¦ so I will have to experiment some more on that one.


4 responses to “Botanic Garden Cuteness

  1. How cute! Abi looks like she is having so much fun. What a cute hat!!! I told Nils maybe our next big vacation could be out west and include visiting you guys! Miss you!!!

  2. Mmmm, blossom end rot, calcium, calcium, calcium, and consistent watering! This is from Sonja’s super doo-whammy tomato planting instructions:

    If you notice a gray or blackened patch at the bottom of your tomato fruits, this is called blossom end rot, and usually indicates a calcium deficiency. See the section 5 above for how to correct this. If you didn’t do anything at the beginning of the season to add calcium to the soil, then you can add a liquid calcium product at the first sign of blossom end rot. I recommend Folical as the quickest way to correct low-calcium soils and prevent the rest of your season’s crop from this quite common malady. If Folical is not available at your local nursery, they should have another liquid calcium product. If they do not, then they are not a very good nursery.

  3. Hil and I were there yesterday too! But…in the evening. Funny!

    Yea, Calcium. You needed that bone meal in your pot before you planted. Its super easy for patio tomatoes to get blossom rot.

    Good luck!

  4. We loved the tour of the Denver Botanical Gardens. Now we can look forward to seeing it again, in a different season. What a lovely place to take your daughter.

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