Happy Maddy Day

I realized today that it’s been about 3 years to the day since we brought home our Maddy from the pound as a 3-month old pup. She is one awesome dog and has handled a big move and a new baby so well. She and Abi have become best friends and Maddy is a good protector too. Maddy’s latest trick is letting herself out of the yard – not by jumping the fence, which she easily could, but by opening the latch on the gate and defeating the bungee-cord backup measure as well. Then, does she run away? Oh no, just goes and says hi to the neighbors and then comes back. What a dog. Everyone asks what kind of dog she is. Maddy is a purebred Maddy. There you have it.
I realized that if I had been blogging pre-baby, she would be getting lots of posts and pictures. So here is some much-needed love for our favorite dog, Maddy.


2 responses to “Happy Maddy Day

  1. Wow, I can tell how big Abi is getting by how tall she is standing next to Maddy. That is a fun pic of the two of them looking out the door. I have a similar one of you, with the two cats, looking out the back door at our house. Pets are so nice for the children, especially one like Maddy. She does seem to take everything well, and she is gentle natured. Granddad is coming to pay some attention to Maddy. Please let her know. We can hardly wait. Dad was counting the days last night when we went for our neighborhood walk. =)

  2. aw! sweetie!

    my ex-roommate’s rottweiler Sacha was six when the baby came along. best. companion. EVER. a hundred and thirty pounds of muscle and teeth, but the most gentle thing in the world with that baby, and you couldn’t ask for a better protector, either. huzzah for dogs!!!

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