Breckenridge Trip with the Typhoid Johnsons

I wish I had some wonderful pictures to show you of our trip to Breckenridge. We had bike rides, 14’ers, hikes, and hanging out time planned with our wonderful friends the Dawsons.
The Dawsons road-tripped it out here from WI and rented a fabulous house that we all stayed in. The first full day we were there, Bernadette, Abi, and I rode from Breckenridge to Frisco and back while the boys went hiking. It was a lot of fun! That night, Abi was up all night sick as a dog with the stomach flu. We kept telling ourselves it wasn’t contagious. We still had a really relaxing 4th, with a trip to the crepe cart in town, good company, good food, and good weather.
Yesterday the Dawsons had a family emergency back in WI, which was a pretty hard blow. I also came down with the bug and it did get to the “should we go to the ER yet?” point. Ugh. Neil also fell prey. This morning, Wes and Bernadette were the next hapless victims. That leaves about 4 other people that stayed with us who were not sick but pretty queasy this morning.
Wes managed to get 2 mountain bike rides in, including taking Hans on his first ever mountain bike ride – on a demo Yeti! I told B. to be afraid, very afraid. Boys on “boutique” mountain bikes is not good for the family budget! They had a great time though. The house had a pool table and ping-pong table, a hot tub, a play set, and a wonderful deck facing Quandary Peak. We took full advantage of the house! The upstairs laundry room definitely came in handy too.
Many of the Dawsons’ friends are into cycling, so we watched the tour’s first stage yesterday. It was a really relaxing time for the most part, and although I would have liked to have gotten outside more and done some quality training, such is life. I just hope I can regain my strength for the Boulder Peak in 2 weeks – peaking is definitely not in the picture any more!
We wish the Dawsons a safe, healthy trip back and some quality time with family members. Now I am going to go pass out.


2 responses to “Breckenridge Trip with the Typhoid Johnsons

  1. Hello there, Mr. and Mrs. Typhoid, and Typhoid Abi! We are glad you all made it home in one piece. Take care and, rest up until we get there. We are going to have some fun, fun, fun.

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