On improvement

So, I just got back from a quick workout in the pool tonight. I decided to time myself (normally, I make a point not to, because it is so depressing). I have improved my 100 yd average from 2:10 in March to 1:47 today. That’s small potatoes for anyone who swims a lot, but it’s HUGE for me! I am constantly learning every time I get in the pool now. Today I learned that I am stalling a bit every time I take a breath, so I tried to keep my stroke consistent through each breath, and took a few more seconds off my times. When I was rinsing off afterwards I had the strange realization that I am….hold your breath….a triathlete now. That’s something that I have audibly said to numerous people that I would NEVER be. The swimsuit I started this season with is all faded and baggy, my arms are getting “buffer”, I prefer to swim outside when I can, and I look forward to each and every workout. I think I’m hooked for a long time. I am nowhere near burnout because of the way we’ve (Wes and I) approached this sport. Wes even gets pretty psyched when we “talk tri” these days. Now, if I could just swim a mile faster, since that’s what ultimately counts with all this swimming work……ah, well, plenty of time for that. I really love this sport.


2 responses to “On improvement

  1. That’s a huge improvement! Nice work! You’re definitely gonna keep knocking time off too — it seems that w/ swimming as you get faster your stroke will become more and more efficient just as you get a feel for what makes you go fast and what doesn’t. I’m so glad to hear you’re liking tris so much, and you and Wes definitely have a great attitude towards the sport!

    BTW: super-cute pics from your camping trip =)

  2. I think that, proportionally, 23 seconds is a big difference and a noteworthy achievement! You are great.

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