Extreme cuteness and garden update

Today when Daddy got home from the mine, Abi wanted to wear all his stuff – mine rescue hat and bignormous mine boots. He was so proud.
We have had another whirlwind week. This week I’ve been helping out with a worship dance class for kids. It’s been every day this week and it is extremely rewarding. I almost forgot how much I love teaching kids – not just adults. They are so creative and full of boundless energy and sweetness. I am so blessed to have my own one here at home too.
Ah, the garden update. I have had a fair amount of issues, the most serious of which was a total lack of Nitrogen in the bed nearest the house. That was remedied with some Fox Farm organic fertilizer and some “sheep & peat” soil conditioner. Mr. vonLiebig’s law of the minimum seemed to apply here, but I solved it organically. Now the surviving plants are mean, green, growing machines. My “Garden Peach” tomato even has blooms and the pole beans are starting to climb. The “Orange Blossom” tomato in a pot and the rescued and potted basil both look good too. The real success this season (so far) is the new bed by the fence. Take a look! I have strawberries – see close-up. The second picture, in the foreground is a happy zucchini, followed by the yummy “Red Russian” kale in the mid ground, and in the background you can see a tomato (Roma), red leaf lettuce, green pepper, and volunteer back-from-the-dead Peony. I hope that between camping this weekend and vacation in the mountains next week that everyone survives. I am so thrilled to have veggies on the way. I’m already dreaming of more beds next year. Garden beds, that is.

3 responses to “Extreme cuteness and garden update

  1. I love Abi’s shirt in that picture. She is so lovely! I wish we lived closer so I could come over and hang out with her super cool mom and see first hand what a neat little girl she is. Miss you Laura!

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