Diaper cover

Just whipped this cover together last night for a new batch of Chinese Prefolds we just got in the mail. We decided the ultimate diapers for us are the good ol’ prefolds with a few pocket diapers for babysitters. This should get us through to potty training. I have 3 pocket diapers left to make, I ordered some new microfleece and a sweet knit print that I don’t know what to make with yet. Stay tuned for that one.
This cover is made of PUL with a fold-over elastic (FOE) binding. I did not use a pattern, I just got 2 of my favorite covers and eyeballed it! I used the FOE because it binds and elasticizes in one step, but there are two things I don’t like about it: 1. It does not give as much stretching and gathering power as regular elastic, at least for me 2. It’s really hard to keep the edges from getting all curly. That said, I do like that this cover is a bit looser because Abi seems more comfortable in it. We have used it today and it is waterproof! I will probably do this again. For instructions and tips on using FOE, go to Chloe Toe’s page, and I have heard they have a great pattern as well. Oh, and did you see my little size tag? I bought some from Very Baby, but lost them immediately, so I made that one from ribbon with a little hand embroidery on it. I think it’s cuter anyway.
To finish up, I have an idea I’d like feedback on. I have determined that I am not cut out to make and sell things, but maybe I could sell my ideas – in the form of a craft idea / pattern book. I love making patterns. What do y’all think?


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