What a week!

Abi and I have had a busy, fun week. Yesterday we met our friends Laura G and Cole at the Zoo, and today we were lucky enough to tag along with “the cool girls” (Sonja & Hillary) again at the Denver Botanical Gardens! The Gardens were awesome! I got lots of ideas for ours and am seriously considering a membership. It’s right downtown near where I delivered Abi.
Tomorrow is the Buffalo Creek Xterra! We are going to go camp down there tonight. I am really looking forward to it, feeling prepared, and ready to have a lot of fun. I hope Wes and Abi are too. I’ve got my wetsuit picked up and now I just need to pack so we can take off at 5……Eeeek, packing. One of my many very strange phobias. Better get on it. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


3 responses to “What a week!

  1. GO LAURA GO!!! I know you are going to do awesome. Have a GREAT race, and don’t forget to have fun!

  2. You are gonna rock the house tomorrow! Have a great night camping, living it up the XTERRA way, and rock it hard core tomorrow! We’ll be thinking “Have Fun” thoughts!

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