Eeewy Gooey

…was a worm. A mighty worm was he. He sat upon the railroad tracks. The train he did not see. Eeewy gooey.
We finally got our worm compost going yesterday! I picked up two containers of worms at the gas station yesterday. The worms were cheap, the gas was not.
I took a small plastic bin with a lid and drilled holes around the outside. Then I added paper from our shredder and the worms. Lastly, I gave them a good spritzing with some water to get them going. From what I have read, in about a week or so, we will be ready to add kitchen scraps (plants only, of course)!
My garden is in dire need of some compost, so I may not wait until I have enough from this bin. However, I think this will suit our needs really well. We can keep it in the garage so animals can’t get into it like they would a regular compost. Plus, it is really fun for Abi (and me) to watch them.
Abi thought the worms were pretty fascinating. I’ll let you all know how this works!


3 responses to “Eeewy Gooey

  1. Awesome you got your composter going, we started ours a month ago, it is looking good, we just have to be careful of it getting too hot and going rancid. I was replanting my front flower bed and I pulled out the herb pots I had put in…the three pots were 90% worm poo with gigantic 6″ earth worms…it was beautiful:)

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