Weekend fun

Don’t all toddlers do this? Abi discovered that not only can she empty our cabinets and strew the contents all over the house, she can get in them and beg for mama to close the door!
We have had a really fun weekend so far. Wes had Friday and today off, making for a nice long 4-day weekend. This is a nice change from some of the crazy hours he has been working lately.
Saturday I went with Amy D. to pre-ride the Buffalo Creek XTERRA course. It is a fast, fun course with only one or two technical spots and a ridiculous 3-mile climb to get back to transition. This isn’t good for me (I’m not much of a fitness rider) but it should be a really, really fun race. Sunday we had an Escape from Alcatraz viewing party, since our friend Sonja was doing the race. She did awesome, and we all gorged ourselves on unhealthy brunch food in her honor. Wes, Abi, and I all got great naps afterwards and then we went for a family hike in the afternoon. The hiking area was right near our house and it has amazing views of the Flatirons. I can’t believe we haven’t gone there before! It’s going to be my new XTERRA training spot, because I can pull the Chariot with my mountain bike there. Trails like that are hard to find!
Not sure what today has in store for us, but it’s another beautiful one. All this nice 70-degree weather is really holding up the basement painting project, but oh well!


6 responses to “Weekend fun

  1. Very cute. Remember Andrew hiding in Mom’s cabinets? There’s a picture of it somewhere. =) I am so proud to have such an adventurous sis and niece. Have fun riding the trails with the chariot!

  2. Thanks for having us over! I had a great time, and was stuffed full all freaking day long! Seriously, it was like 9 pm before I was hungry! 🙂

  3. hmm.. that getting in the cabinets trick runs in the family, I think. Uncle Andrew did quite a bit of it, too. But now he’s too big. He would need a much bigger closet. Is that what those “self” storage buildings they rent are for?

  4. Hi Wes, Laura and Abi! WOW – it looks like you all are staying busy. Abi sure is a cutie. I just wanted to say hi and see how you all were doing. Kim sent me your site. Love and Miss you all.

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