First harvest and backyard fun

Saturday we were rewarded with the first harvest from our veggie garden – radishes. I would love to tell you that we ate them, but we really didn’t. It was more fun to grow them, and they went limp about an hour after we yanked them from the ground. Abi did eat one though, although she wasn’t too sure what she thought about that.
We have also been watching the baby robins for about the past week since they hatched. It was a lot of fun to sit there and watch mama & papa robin take turns feeding the 5 babies. Abi would notice occasionally that they were up there and she had some little jibberish word for them. The babies all flew out over the weekend. It was amazing how quickly they grew up! I think I know how mama bird feels, though, as Abi is officially “weaned” this week. She needs me for one less thing already.
Now I am ready to clean all the bird poo off the speaker.
Yesterday we got hit with golf-ball sized hail and most of the garden came through, miraculously! Abi and I said a little prayer that we could still have some fun growing veggies this summer. Looks like we will. I took a harvest of baby kale leaves yesterday evening from the garden and threw them in a soup (with hot weather hitting, I knew time was running out). YUM! BEST kale I have ever had. I think eating it when the leaves are still young is the way to go. I can hardly wait to re-plant for a fall harvest, it was delicious!


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