Nature walk & Neighborhood pride

I have been taking Abi on a nature walk in our neighborhood just about every day. Sometimes we do it at the end of a ride or run, sometimes we take Maddy out and just goof off. Abi seems to really enjoy her walks, and I love seeing what she gets into and is interested in. Dandilions are a new favorite, in addition to rocks and sticks.

  • While we were out last week, I brought the camera along. I recently heard that people call our nieghborhood “xyz ghettoes” instead of “xyz meadows.” I know it’s supposed to be funny, but I didn’t see the humor in it. I have a lot of pride in our neighborhood. I tried to capture some shots of what makes it a great place. I can hang up diapers and not only do the neighbors not care, they have gone out of their way to tell me how it brings back good memories for them of cloth diapering their kids. I can take Maddy out to play frisbee in a wide open field that won’t be developed. I can see mountains. Kids play outside – they build dirt jumps, chase balls, ride bikes, get in the creek, play T-ball. There is a diversity not found in other places – of ages, of walks of life. Most of all, we know our neighbors. We look out for each other. So, just an FYI – don’t trash-talk our neighborhood in front of me. I am proud to live here!
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    5 responses to “Nature walk & Neighborhood pride

    1. I liked your neighborhood too! I especially like the CO concept of accessible open space. Your neighborhood is great related to that – and connected trail networks!

    2. Your neighborhood is great! It is a better than average American neighborhood. 95% of the world population would think they were living on top of the world if they had the nice homes, privacy, and wide open, safe, spaces you have there. You have a real community of real people. Something most very expensive developments lack. Only pay attention to positive people.

    3. Don’t listen to those people! My only guess at why they call it the xyz ghettos is because most of the houses around your neighborhood and a little further south are close to half a million dollars. Phooey on those people! I like that area. Tell those people if they don’t like it then move to someplace better like Wisconsin! Hahaha!

    4. Just a whole bunch of people that don’t get it. Life is about balance, not about 4,000 sq feet of carpet and marble. Your home/neighborhood is great, and it meets your needs on so many different levels. People tend to make fun of other people concerning aspects of their own life that they are unsure of. Troy and I would love to be neighbors with you!

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