Can I do it?

I am having serious doubts about the XTerra coming up late June. The full Buffalo Creek XTerra is 1 mile swim, 20 mile mountain bike, and 5 mile trail run. Yeah, that’s really a lot. Like I think if I finished in 4 hours I’d be doing good. I don’t know if I can do 4 hours of racing. That sprint distance (FLAT) tri was really, really hard. I guess this is where I buckle down and trust the training plan, as well as the endurance racing experience from over the years. I mean, geez, it can’t take as long as the Wild 100 did, and that was still fun. I do know how to pace myself, and I know I can get a second…third…fourth wind.
I’m noticing with my training now that after 14 days on, I’m ready for a week off. The problem is that I did not set up my plan that way. So, I am having to work, and re-work the plan continuously to come up with what is working for my body. And that makes me nervous. I guess this is why people hire coaches, but that isn’t something that’s in the bag for me for lots of reasons.
They are offering several course pre-rides in the next few weekends for the XTerra, and I think I’ll have to go just to put my mind at ease. I’m also going to make sure and do a mile pool swim this week and a long trail run next weekend. The problem is they offer a 1/2 XTerra at this race, as in 1/2 of all of the other distances. I am soooo tempted to switch my registration for that one. But, I think I’ll be always wondering if I could have done the full. So I’m going to go for it. I think. Maybe. It WILL be fun, right? Even if it takes me all day to finish I would be finishing with a big stupid grin.

5 responses to “Can I do it?

  1. I think it is awesome that you are doing this. I hope you are working in your eating and drinking plan with your training. I won’t be there to force you to eat raisins 🙂 Abi is a lucky girl to have such a cool mom.

  2. Well, you could always do half this time and full some other year. You are still very young (even though it may not feel that way when you are up all night), and you will still need goals when you are my age (like, ancient, dinosauric, you know, things like that). I didn’t even start on some of my goals until I was almost 30. Have fun, whatever you choose. Be kind to yourself; remember, on any given day, you may be the only one that is!

  3. Of course you can do it! Here’s my philosophy on new challenges that I’m having serious doubts about (i.e. my first sprint tri, my first half-marathon, um the Boulder Peak this summer…): no expectations beyond finishing. I find that if the only pressure that I put on myself is to finish, it really helps take the pressure off. Of course, I always have some secondary goals in case things go well, but the first race is just a baseline to see what you can do! Go Laura Go! You CAN do it!!!

  4. I think its great that you did the triathlon…!!! and you can do the next one..
    with Abi growing up and not much sleep I really admire you..looking at some of the pictures, you have lost more weight it seems..pace yourself regularly…. and remember before such a demanding race, eat always 2 or 3 hours before the race..otherwise you will be sick to your stomach like you did this time..

    I remember when I did my first triathlon in Montauk,NY I was so scared..I was unable to eat anything..which was good.. so..hang in can do it..
    love.Bonne Maman

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