New Blog & Marathon Relay

This is it! Our new blog. What do you think? It’s going to combine the craft blog and the regular blog.
In other news, today I ran a leg in the Colfax Marathon Relay. I got up at 3:30 am (is that even getting up? Or just sleepwalking??) and went downtown to meet up with the Practical Coaching Crew, who I met through my friend Sonja. She has a much more detailed post about it, maybe she isn’t as pooped as I am! Anywho, I ran a 10K at 6am (first leg) in 51:40. My Garmin said it was an 8:11 pace. I am totally happy with that since I didn’t go super hard and I was already really, really tired. I had a rough week and the endorphin rush was just the right medicine. Everyone in our group did well and seemed to enjoy themselves, from what I could tell before I took off. Oh, and I guess it was my first official 10K. So fun, and the Practical Coaching crew were so nice and a total riot.
Good night!


One response to “New Blog & Marathon Relay

  1. The new blog looks nice. I like the hat model the best. But,, her Mother is pretty good looking, too. And she is fast, I have heard, so don’t mess around with her. How do you “run a leg” – I though you would need two legs to do that. Guess that’s cuz I don’t do that sort of thing..hooray for your strength and endurance. I can hardly wait to come out this summer.

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