How to race for free (or less)

I have been a bit taken a back by how much this whole triathlon thing costs – Wes has been awesome about it, but it seems like we have too many outdoor hobbies sometimes!

Anyway, I decided to forgo the Crested Butte Xterra and save us $300+ between the entry fee, driving, food, etc…and sign up for the more local Indian Peaks Xterra in August. Wes and I are going to help out the whole race weekend with set-up, course marking, organization, etc…and I’m going to get either a free or lower cost entry fee. We love volunteering at races, and since we kind of have our eyes on getting back into race promotion, it’s a great learning opportunity also. Woo hoo! To top that off, we’ll either camp in the National Forest or stay with one of Wes’ co-workers for a nice weekend get-away. It may not be the way I normally spend the day before a race, but one upside is that I’ll know the course inside and out. If you want to come camp with us, let me know 🙂

So, my tip for today is to be creative when dealing with your budget. Work connections, ask your buddies, trade, look for alternatives to get you there, and most of all – don’t be afraid to ask. I think that works for just about everything.


One response to “How to race for free (or less)

  1. Good Idea! I like your thinking on this one….BTW, may we stay at your house when we come to CO in July??? We are good babysitters (ouch!) and we both know how to cook!

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