Happy Mother’s Day!

I am still having a really, really nice mother’s day. How often can you say that about days that start at 5am?

We all got up bright and early this morning for my first triathlon. I will try to post a more detailed race report when the results are up, so I can add those in. I met all my goals, so I am really happy about that! I actually don’t know what my time was, because I wasn’t allowing myself to care too much about that today. I somehow ended up 2nd in my age group as well, so that was icing on the cake. Although, there may have only been like 3 people in my age group so I am trying not to get too giddy. It was a very fun race, but also much harder than I thought it would be. The open water swimming is a whole ‘nother animal. More on that in the future race report. Our friends Troy, Sonja, and their little girl came out and were spectating, and it was so awesome to have a cheering section. The course consisted of a lot of looping around, so I got to see them and Wes and Abi every 10 minutes it seemed! It definitely helped keep my spirits up (and my breakfast in my stomach) to see familiar faces out on the race course.

After the race, we drove up to Lakewood to return my wetsuit. I managed to sneak in a quick hair cut and then we grabbed some lunch at Chipotle (oooh man) with our friends the Porters. All of that before noon! Whew!

I had big plans to plant lots of tomatoes today but it looks like the weather this week will be iffy. Upon returning home I learned that my squash plant and 2 of my basil plants did not make it through the 30-degree night. Oops! I don’t want to risk losing my seedlings, so I am going to wait it out. So I sat out back and soaked up the wonderful sunshine instead.

I got to have a chat with my Mom and with Wes’ Mom, so that was nice as well. To top it all off, Wes made me an amazing dinner (he knows how I am not a huge eating out fan, especially with it being a holiday) complete with roses, candles at the table, and frozen yogurt for dessert. Now I am savoring my fro yo and thinking about doing a bit of sewing before calling it a night. What a wonderful day!! I definitely feel like a cherished mom, and I am so thankful for my own mother and grandmother. I also am so thankful for my “mommy” friends – people I have met in the last year or friends I already had who are walking through this crazy journey with me. Hope your mother’s day was awesome too!


2 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Congratulations on finishing your first tri! Glad you had a great time! Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Happy Mother’s Day to Abi’s great Mom, from Mom and Grandmom. Isn’t motherhood the greatest?

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