I bought Abi a box of sidewalk chalk about a month ago. I kept showing her how to draw with it, but she was only interested in:
A. Carrying the box around like some sort of prize
B. Floating the chalk in the Dog’s water, making a gross colored mess
C. Tasting said Dog water chalk
So I was just hanging out in the back yard with her two days ago and she started drawing with the chalk ! How exciting! So, the new order of things is: Carry chalk, float chalk, draw, then taste chalk. Glad that stuff is non-toxic.


4 responses to “Drawing

  1. Wow, Laura and Abigail!! You are both awesome…what a kiddo and superMom. Thank you for making the video along with all the messes you had to clean up to get this unforgettable moment recorded!!

  2. we had to give up on the chalk for awhile. Annie kept eating it like it was a carrot. No drawing, no floating, just eating. I can’t even repeat what kind of diapers we had from that habit.

  3. Abi – you are so purposeful with that chalk! And your mom is such a great encourager. She’s right – what an artist!

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