Cinco de Mayo!

First off, a big happy birthday to Papasoupa. We love you!

Secondly, today was a big day in the Johnson household. Late last week I found a used Kettler trike at a kiddie consignment store (I LOVE that place)! I snatched it up, knowing what good quality trikes they are. Today Wes set it on the smallest setting and Abi can almost reach the pedals. The best part is, she loves this thing! She can’t get enough trike time (even though Mom and Dad have to push her for now). She is a Johnson through and through. And check out the Hokie-esque helmet. It’s even got birds on it.

Thirdly, I want to post my race plan so you all can hold me to it. Sunday is the big day – my first triathlon! Here’s the plan, not in order of importance:
1. Have FUN
2. Be the kind of competitor I want to race against. Smile, cheer, don’t attack when someone’s taking a drink, etc. I am not only representing myself but also my Lord and my family.
3. BE HAPPY WITH WHATEVER TIMES / PLACING I POST! Notice, this is not a time goal. It is an anti-time goal.
4. Give 100%, but this is a no-brainer anymore. Following this will mean I need to embrace #3.
I feel so good about this race and just know it will be a wonderful way to spend Mother’s Day – what a treat!


2 responses to “Cinco de Mayo!

  1. Thanks for the shout out! Boithday was cool w/ golf and fancy eats.

    How long do you figure until Abs gets a second bike, to go with her fixie?

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