Happy May!

May 1, and it’s snowing outside! How strange, but typical at the same time. Yesterday was a gorgeous 70-degree day and Abi and I did a lot of relaxing outside and not much else.

I promised an update on the garden a while back. I can say this is the best I have done with starting seeds indoors so far, and I try every year. I have 12 tomato plants and 4 basil plants that are starting to get a little light-starved but looking good nonetheless. I bought a real grow light – a shop light with 2 grow bulbs and it did help quite a bit.
Outside, I am not having as much luck. I am on my second attempt at radishes / kale / lettuce, and the birds keep eating them! Wes thinks some netting might help. I also still think a cold frame would be a big help, maybe for this fall. Seeds of Change has a collapsible one that I really like, and we wouldn’t have to build it. Plus we figured out building one would cost at least $100.
Only one more week and I can get everything planted outside – the ‘maters, basil, peppers (going to buy those), bean seeds, squash seeds, and marigold seeds. That will be a lot of fun.

The daffodils I planted last fall came up really well and I am happy with how they look out front. They definitely make the house look more cheerful.
We also have a very persistent mama robin that loves the top of our speaker outside for a nest. I am hoping there will be baby birds to look at before too long, but I am also kind of hoping they stop eating our plants!


3 responses to “Happy May!

  1. Love the pic of the daffodils in the snow. Gotta love Colorado!

    I hear you on the persistent nest-building birds…I had baby birds in one of my hanging baskets a few years ago. Mama bird was NOT thrilled with me every time I took it down to water. One day while we were on vacation, my friend came to water and the baby birds chose the exact moment she took down the basket to fly the coop…scared her half to death! 🙂

  2. Gee, Laura, everything is busy at your house, even the plants and birds! Love the mixture of snow and signs of spring. You certainly have a true love of anything green. I always got frustrated at things not growing like they were supposed to, and gave up and went to the store. However, the tomatoes from the store never taste like they do from your own garden, while they are still warm from the sun 🙂 Yumm…

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