Moab Trip

We just got back from our trip this afternoon. My stomach doesn’t know that we aren’t moving anymore – but that’s another story.

We had a wonderful time soaking up the sunshine and getting to spend time with Amy. Friday we drove to Fruita, CO – home of some of the best singletrack mountain biking in the world. Wes and I were treated to a fabulous ride at the Kokopelli trail system there. The first thing we learned is that the rear shock on my brand-new bike is leaking air. That will have to be fixed really soon!
Saturday we drove the rest of the way to Moab and went and checked out some of Arches National Park.

Then Amy treated us to another ride, and Wes and I went to ride Porcupine Rim. Porcupine is probably the most-loved Moab trail, second only to Slickrock. It is tooth-chattering fun. The whole thing is like 14 miles of ALL ROCKS and I was so glad to have some suspension on my bike. Wes and I hit the trail really hard, passing everyone we saw – we didn’t even stop! 14 miles on a road bike is nothing – 14 miles of all rocky mountain bike trail is a lot. We were flying. Then Wes decided to pretend to be superman, and he busted his elbow on a rock. We are taking him to the doctor tomorrow, but that really ended the riding fun. Then we both just wanted out. I felt like I could have done an epic ride, but not after Wes was hurting. We really needed to get out, and we did.

Yesterday we took Amy to Slickrock and she did awesome! Wes took some cool action shots (see slideshow) while Amy and I rode around. We had a lot of fun. In the afternoon, we went back to Arches and did some photography, a nice low-key way to end the weekend. I’m hoping Wes heals up quickly so he can get back out on his bike. It was such a treat to get to ride with two of my most favorite people on earth. Abi (also one of my favorite people) did wonderfully. She loved being outside and could not get enough of playing with rocks and sticks. She is becoming quite the walker and will walk away and sometimes run when she sees a dog or a playground! Aunt Amy bought her a swimsuit and she wanted to wear it all day! We were so glad she could come along and the camping cabins made taking care of her a breeze. We’re glad to be back in our own home, though. Over and out for now.


2 responses to “Moab Trip

  1. Sounds like a Great Adventure! I hope Wes’s elbow heals quickly. Better get a homing device for Abigail….

  2. Those pictures were amazing! I got your phone call today and will try to get back to you in the next few days, while the kids are napping hopefully! Looking forward to catching up!

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