New t-shirt from old t-shirts

TshirtHello there, readers and I do apologize for not posting more often. I have been creating lots of things the last two months but have not taken the time to take pictures and write up descriptions!
This is one of my new favorites – a new t-shirt in a flattering fit, made from old t-shirts! I used Butterick pattern 5084 and made several modifications. I shortened the sleeve to a cap sleeve and I cut all the pattern pieces from old t-shirts I had lying around waiting for a worthy project. The green trim is made from a mountain bike race t-shirt that is very special to me, it is from the Wild 100 I did 4 years back. However, the t-shirt was wildly unflattering and uncomfy, even for a t-shirt. I have hardly worn it so I am so happy to have it be part of something I will probably wear a lot! Check out the photostream for more pics of this and all the other newer projects. Please comment with any questions about how it was made, I’ll be happy to answer.


One response to “New t-shirt from old t-shirts

  1. I think it is very cool that you can sew a memory into something you will wear and enjoy often! Especially when the racing shirt didn’t fit or flatter, but was important for a special reason. You are very crafty. Your great-grandmother (my Dad’s mom) was a person who made her own patterns, crafted things from what she had, sewed beautiful designer fashions for her daughter, from newspaper patterns she made herself; and constantly improved her home environment with her painting and sewing, needlepoint, etc. She always had a craft in her hands when she sat down in her parlor. She made coats for me when I was a little girl.

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